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The Power of Reiki + Mediumship Together

One Reiki + Mediumship Client’s Experience…
“Merging Sarah’s ability to channel messages from Spirit with Donna’s astounding ability to use energy to relax and heal, I have been given the most accurate guidance, through a loving and gentle approach. Their profound connection has enabled me to make the most difficult decisions and has allowed me to reach for new adventures with unfailing confidence.” ~ Cristol

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be like my mother.

reiki, mediumship, psychic, readings, sessions, northumberland, belleville, ontario, port hope, kingston, cobourg, colborne, castleton, napaneeI have watched her give generously of her heart and soul throughout my entire life. She is passionate and kind, loving and compromising. And it was our morning walks to the park, where we sat backs to the same tree, and learned to meditate together, that I realized we had one very special common interest and ability that felt age-old and as though we had been doing it together for millennia. I was a teenager, and she was likely searching for clarity on a great many adult things I couldn’t have known about back then. And it was on that dew soaked grass that a thread wrapped itself around me and began to weave its way through my life, pulling me forward and entwining me with my mother in ways I wouldn’t come to understand until decades later.

A close-up of a key moving towards the key hole.

I was thirty years old, and starting my recovery from a mental health crisis that rocked my family, when Spirit came back into my life in a way that I could no longer ignore. I began to experience the vastness of life beyond death as my psychic senses started to awaken and connect me to the Other Side. I could hear things and see things that I had no explanation for, and I was scared by it. But while friends worried about me and doctors diagnosed me, my mother listened to me. She didn’t question my sanity and she didn’t judge me – she encouraged me.

A few years later, with my health restored and firm footing beneath me, my mother and I started to study spirituality and practice once again together. We learned the art of Reiki Healing from our generous and kind teacher at The Healer Within, and we spent hours talking about and sharing the exciting ways we were experiencing Spirit in our daily lives.

Right from the start it was clear that we each had our own unique gifts and ways of working with energy and Spirit. And it would be in our final Reiki training course together that the distinction and the connection would become obvious to both of us. As we stood side-by-side, practicing Reiki with the same client, we differentiated our offering and recognized the power in the combination.

reiki-handsAs she channeled beautiful healing energy, I couldn’t help but hear guidance and inspirational messages for the client. As hard as I tried to just offer the Reiki techniques and healing I was supposed to be practicing, I couldn’t help but give the messages I was getting. We discovered that the experience was much more holistic and transformational for the client when they had the benefit of both the healing and the messages. It deepened the experience and made it more impactful and memorable.

And now years later still, we offer our services together – mother and daughter, side-by-side practitioners, devoted to bringing transformation and healing to our clients. It’s our honour and privilege to work in this way.

Booking a Session with Donna and Sarah

During a Reiki + Mediumship session with Donna and Sarah – you have two dedicated practitioners working side by side to harness their unique spiritual gifts for your Highest good. The experience is relaxing and rejuvenating. It is often inspirational as Spirit comes through with messages and guidance tailored to your current situation in life. Where Donna uses her gifts to focus on deep emotional, physical and spiritual healing through energy work, Sarah connects with your spiritual team and loved ones to communicate perfectly timed and relevant messages for your growth and transformation.

Consider booking a session with us today and experience the enhanced combination of Reiki + Mediumship together!