About Me

I was very young when I first heard Spirit.IMG_1231

I can remember being frightened by the experience. I would sit with my fingers in my ears and hum in an attempt to drown out their voices. My sense of clairaudience – or clear hearing – has always been the easiest way for Spirit to communicate with me. I learned early how to turn it off out of fear.

And it wasn’t until I was 30 and dealing with a swift and severe change to my mental health that my senses began to wake up again. I started to have dreams that would come true the next day. I ‘knew’ that things would happen before they did. I was visited by Spirit in the night. They would gently push at my back to wake me and then show me images and ‘movies’ in my third eye once I was awake. I was visited by the deceased loved ones of friends and family members in my life. They would make me feel their emotions and tell me messages they wanted me to share with the people that missed them. All of these things terrified me once again.

But as an adult, it became more difficult to just push away. I could make it get quieter, but I couldn’t mute it entirely.

Slowly my fascination with what was happening to me began to take on a course of its own. I started to study. I visited my library regularly to thumb through spiritual books seeking answers for what I was experiencing. I listened to podcasts and watched videos. I devoured anything I could that would help me understand the changes I was undergoing.

Over the next few years Spirit continued to guide me while I continued to study. Time and time again Spirit proved to me that I could trust the information I was getting. Eventually I began to share Spirit’s messages with others and each and every time I was met with gratitude and validation. I decided it was time to suspend fear and give into a path that was feeling more and more like a calling each day that passed.

It takes courage to ‘out’ myself in this way. But this isn’t about me or my ego. I trust that Spirit has healing and comfort to share with those who need it most. And if I can be a conduit to that healing, I feel blessed and humbled at such an honour.

Love + light,