What Clients are Saying

“Dear Sarah and Donna, My life is my canvas and the knowledge I learned from you opened my eyes to so many more paint colors that I didn’t see clearly before. From the bottom of my heart thank you for the time you spent with me last night. I am utterly grateful for all that you shared with me and helped me understand. You are two beautiful souls that I feel blessed to have crossed paths with. Sending you both light and love.”
“My session with Donna and Sarah was a life changing moment for me. I was struggling for a while, like something was blocking me to go forward on my path. Incredible things happened during my session and I totally felt it during days and weeks after. For me, the duo of Donna and Sarah is totally amazing and this is what makes it so special, so strong and efficient. On one side stands Donna and her incredible and powerful energy that you can feel when she does her Reiki on you, and then comes Sarah, with her spirit guide and her gift that gives you way more than you can ever expect to have in a regular Reiki session, as she can afterword explain what happened and give you details that are so valuable and important. If you want to experience Reiki and mediumship on the deepest level, this is where you have to go! Thank you so much again to both of you!”
“So sacred…such a beautiful and unique experience. A good healer creates a safe and sacred place, and I felt very safe and secure, in the hands of Donna and Sarah. They work beautifully together. Both are kind, compassionate, sensitive and loving, and both Donna and Sarah are very humble, at the same time. Thank you so much, for this sacred experience.”
“Can there be a review worth 10 stars?! I’m not sure where to begin… I have had incredible experiences with Sarah alone, and have also had the pleasure of experiencing the love and healing powers of Sarah and Donna, together. Merging Sarah’s ability to channel messages from Spirit with Donna’s astounding ability to use energy to relax and heal, I have been given the most accurate guidance, through a loving and gentle approach. Their profound connection has enabled me to make the most difficult decisions and has allowed me to reach for new adventures with unfailing confidence. I am looking forward to more sessions, ladies!”
“My Reiki/Mediumship session was so relaxing. Sarah, I was so delighted to know you were in touch with Richard. It was so heartwarming to know that he was getting enjoyment out of playing the piano. There were many validations that were true. I do feel the guidance of angels or some form of energy around us helping us on the right path. The session you and Donna had for me made me feel so good. Wishing you well with future sessions.”
“I recently had a session with these two lovely ladies. I was so welcomed and made to feel relaxed. I came out of this session with a lot more understanding and feeling calm and knowing. And I thank these ladies for giving me that. Thank you and cheers for the good work you do.
“My time with Donna and Sarah took place last year and I found it to be an awesome experience.
It was a time in my life that I had been looking for a new direction . Sarah and Donna helped provide that for me. Donna with her reiki had helped me feel more calm and relaxed, helping me look deeper into myself. Sarah brought forth spiritual guidance with past family spirit souls that she was able to connect with. It brought me a sense of peace and stillness knowing that these precious souls have been with us through our daily lives. Thank you Sarah and Donna for this experience, I was very touched with the messages that came through which inspired me to move forward in a new direction.”
“I was totally blown away with my session with Donna and Sarah. Both ladies are kind, caring and sensitive. They put you at ease immediately. Definitely will go again.”
“Donna and Sarah I was thoroughly pleased with my first-ever Reiki experience with you!! Found it to be very insightful and thought- provoking. You provided a most serene & and relaxing atmosphere. I have no doubt that you both are dedicated to helping people get the most out of your sessions. Keep up the good work!!”
“Thank you Sarah and Donna. I feel so much better. My mind is clearand so is my heart. I did what you said when I got home. Cleansed away..lol. I have not felt this serene in awhile. Thank you . Thank you. Thank you.
“Sarah and Donna were amazing. From the moment they began, I could feel the energy in the room. The whole session was very relaxing and enjoyable. When Donna finished, Sarah had a lot of information about me that she couldn’t have known. The information was delivered to me in a calm and professional manner. The whole session was very enlightening. Donna and Sarah were very calming to a newbie, and maintained professionalism throughout.”
“I highly recommend a session with Donna and Sarah. You will feel validated and encouraged to take on the world. The combination approach of reiki and mediumship really works. Donna and Sarah make a great team!”
“What a wonderful experience! The combination of reiki and mediumship reading made me leave feeling rejuvenated, loved and understood. Thank you Donna and Sarah.”
“Donna and Sarah were very professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole experience. I left the session feeling lighter, clearer, and at peace.”
“I came not knowing what to expect and left relaxed and full of positive energy. Spirit sent just the right amount of love and messages. Thank you so very much.”
“Great team work and very unique! I would recommend to others definitely!”