Email Readings

Email ReadingsFor an email reading, I ask that you send your first name, a photo of yourself and one specific question you would like me to ask of Spirit.

In order to prepare for this reading it helps if you let your loved ones on the Other Side know of your intention to connect with me by just talking to them in your mind. Let them know when you have emailed me your information and ask that they make themselves known to me. This helps – believe me!

I will meditate on your photo and question and write you an email response with what Spirit communicates to me. I do my best to connect with those in Spirit who you are eager to hear from. However – this is important – Spirit sees a larger plan for your life. Trust that if you don’t hear what you expected to hear or you don’t connect with the person you wanted to connect with – there is a reason for this. Spirit will always come through with messages that are divinely timed for your highest good. Sometimes this means we get messages that we least expect (and sometimes don’t want to hear). Try not to be disappointed, and instead allow yourself to consider the value and relevance of the message that did come through.

(Please note: The name has been changed to protect privacy)

Soul Investment: $30 / PDF via email




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